This work was the first assignment of Mograph Mentor Class 2 and we were supposed to come up  with infographics for a theme of our choice.
  It was done during the World Cup and I used it as the theme in this infographic. But this doesn’t mean the subject is old.  Rather than that, I tried to talk about something that we should look at everyday, not just on festivities.
  So, there was a lot of buzz here in Brazil because of the World Cup and a lot of people were even cheering against us in disagreement with it. I do agree with them that there are a lot of problems here and that those problems need attention. But at the same time, there is a place for cheering. My approach in this project is to cheer for Brazil (if you’re Brazilian), but also to care about other things that happen here.
  There is this aspect of cheering that bring us together and this is awesome. But we don’t need to be blind to other things while we cheer, in fact we must open our eyes and look for those who need us. Why should we be cheering if not together, as a nation?

On the artistic aspect of it, I wanted to make things a little different this time and since we were supposed to make gifs, this was a great opportunity. I ended up with a square aspect ratio and using cel animation, which is a thing I was wanting to experiment with in a while. Of course, I also though that it was cohesive with the theme.
Style Exploration

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