2015 was full of surprises. One of them was being invited by Tendril to help out in this amazing piece.
Altough short, the time I spent with those guys was incredible.
Client: Audemars Piguet
Agency: DLKW Lowe
ECD: Jarvis
CD: Richard Midgley
Producer: Gary Wallis
Producer: Ciaran Bennett
Business Director: Vicky Oakes
Account Exeuctive: Katie Muir
Production Co: Passion Pictures
EP: Debby Crosscup
Line Producer: Jude Vermeulen
Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alex Torres
Tendril Director: Vini Nascimento
EP: Kate Bate
HOP / Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Design: Tatiana Plakhova, Emilie Muszczak, Marisabel Fernandez
Matte Paint: Bojan Zoric
Modelling: Marcin Porebski, Alasgar Hasanov
Animation: Gabriel Rocha, Guillherme Twardowski, Victor Silva
Light & Render: Gabriel Rocha, Alasgar Hasanov
Compositing: Gabriel Rocha
Colour and Online: Joel Osis
Flame Assist: Astrid Cardenas
Editorial Co: Relish Editing
Editor: Jackie Roda
EP: Lucy O’Neill
Asst. Editor: John Gallagher
Music Co: Finger Music
Director's Cut Audio: CypherAudio

The full case can be seen here.
One of the 2 scenes I helped with.

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