Got to help out on some segments for this series from Alpha where I had the chance to design and animate these spots. It was a huge honor working with them.
You can check out the full episodes on there youtube channel.

Producer - AFS Pictures
Director - Daniel Stewart
Production Design - Colours & Shapes (
Ep 08 - Legge & Anderson segment
Ep 03 - Darrel Tunningley segment
Ep 6 - Bible Infographic segment
Ep 11 - Robert Taylor segment
Ep 11 - Peter & Cornelius segment
Ep 11 - Acts 19 segment
Some design process
Darrel Tunningley first attempt on storyboarding. A lot has changed during the way and since we didn't have too much time, adjustments were done on the animation stage.
Legge & Anderson storyboard. This time the storyboard was really close to the final pice, only a couple of editing choices were different.
Bible sequence storyboard.
Robert Taylor storyboard.

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